Shopping & Laundry



We know life can be busy and no one wants to come home from a busy day at work to a great big pile of washing and an empty fridge. That is where we can help, with our laundry and shopping services we can do it for you.

Laundry: Our laundry service is linked to the local dry cleaners. We work closely with the specialists and have negotiated the best prices so that it is affordable. We will collect and return your washing to your house washed, dried and ready to go away.

We charge for laundry based on the weight of your bag as seen in the pricing list. You can also get us to put on your washing or hang it out whilst we are cleaning your property. This will reduce time for other cleaning tasks though.

Shopping: Provide us with a list at least 24hours in advance of the day you have booked. Specify life needed on products and tell us your favourite brands and whether you want a substitute if unavailable. Then come home to your fridge always looking full.

You will need to fill out the form below for us to use whilst doing your shopping. Any blanks we will assume you don't mind.